Wednesday, February 3, 2016

‘Embroidery as Memoir’
Presented by Susan Elliott

       Susan Elliott presented a very inspirational talk,
‘Embroidery as Memoir: Your Life as Inspiration
for Your Needlework’, a bout her explorations in
collage and beading b ased on many personal
connections in her life. Her display of work was
supplemented b y a numb er of her favorite books
that gave her insight and direction as she began to
work with fibers. Specific colors, seashells,
important events, emotions, jewelry, lace, and
special places have been sources of her designs
and emb ellishments. She encourages all of us to
b e bold and make our own personal statements
with our needlework.

Above are a few of the many em bellished collages Susan creates.
The link to her b log: