Friday, January 6, 2017

EGA National Seminar

Seventeen (17!) of our Brandywine members enjoyed our National Seminar in Alexandria this past month. We took advantage of many of the different class offerings. Only a few of us were in the same class. Later in 2017, we will have show-off our finished projects. Thanks to our GPS’s we all arrived at the hotel safely and were ready for our opening night banquet. The one-day classes were scheduled for the day before seminar, so our four-day class or two two-day classes followed without a break. The seminar committee kept us busy with a boutique, merchandise night, teachers’ showcase, exhibit, and a preview of the projects for next year.

We finished the week with another banquet and then back home again to start the real stitching of our
projects. It is fun to meet like-minded stitchers and renew friendships with ladies, and a gentleman or two, we have stitched with in the past. It is always a great learning experience. Karen Schueler was in charge of the exhibits at the seminar and did a wonderful job. On display were lots of great projects to admire.

Members who participated were: Maureen Carlson, Jo-Ann Carroll, Lucille Carter, Nancy George, JoAnn McHugh, Lisa O’Brien, Cleo Robbins, Sheila Sakraida, Susan Sander, Karen Schueler, Sue Scofield, Launa Sprouls, Patti Tidemann, Pleasants Tinkler, Ann Warner, Hannah Wayne, and Karen West.