Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brandywine Chapter Challenge 2013 - 2014

Challenge Description:  Our 2013-2014 challenge is to use stitches from TAST (or Take a Stitch Tuesday) to create 4 original needlework pieces during the next 12 months. 

Background:  We will be using Sharon B's Pin Tangle challenge, which is called TAST or Take a Stitch Tuesday. In 2012, she started the TAST challenge, so every Tuesday she presented directions for a new stitch - with photos, her samples of the stitch and asked others to post their work in the comment section with links to their photos. A beginning stitcher might just practice doing the stitch correctly.   A more advanced stitcher might start combining a particular stitch into rows; or mirror the stitches; or change the size or curving of the stitches.

Links for TAST: 
Sharon B's main website

TAST samplers that she has done - be inspired!  

TAST frequently asked questions
Scroll down for list of stitches. Each stitch is illustrated with examples for counted thread or surface embroidery. Beginners can see how to create each stitch by clicking on the stitch dictionary link that is in blue.

Challenge Rules:
1. design size is no larger than 5 x 7
2. type of project and original design by you
3. fabric and fibers of your choice, from your stash
4. there will be 10 stitches per challenge/3 month period       
                - challenge 1 : stitches  1 - 10
                - challenge 2 : stitches 11 - 20
                - challenge 3 : stitches 21 - 30
                - challenge 4 : stitches 31 - 40
 5. use a minimum of 5 stitches but use all 10 if it suits you
 6. finishing of your choice (frame , edge ...)
 7. there will be meetings as the group demands
 8. There will be deadlines every 3 months

Join us & let's learn some new stitches! Please contact me by July 5th if you are interested in joining our challenge. We will meet at various times and places to keep us all inspired.  The first get together can either be at my home Friday, July 12th or we could stay about 30 minutes after the quarterly meeting on the 17th of July.

Kathy Adams