Friday, June 14, 2013

Community Outreach - Public Stitch at Winterthur - April 2013

Community Outreach - Judy Herdeg

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The EGA Brandywine Chapter enjoyed a day of stitching in public on Tuesday, April 23rd at Winterthur Museum, in the New Reception Gallery, where our 30th Anniversary Exhibit was held.

Fourteen Ladies volunteered to "Stitch in Public".  We started at 10:00 am in the Gallery Reception area stitching at two long tables in the defused light from the large windows.  Each person was asked to bring a finished piece and one to stitch on so there was a lot to show the visitors as they came in.  A group of school children were especially interested and their teacher was very interactive with them.

Displayed were posters telling about the EGA and the Brandywine Chapter as well as rack cards about the meetings and membership information.

Members worked on various pieces including canvas work, cross stitch, stumpwork, surface embroider on clothing, beadwork, as well as quilting.  It was a great success!

Each EGA Chapter is asked to stitch in public at least once during the year.  This was a wonderful way to introduce Winterthur guests that day about what we do.